Wellness Matters Inc

Using Plants To Support Your Body, Mind, & Spirit

We will use a variety of tools and  practices, both individual, and facilitated to grow mindfulness, self awareness and spiritual expansion. You will gain clarity on your priorities, have an action plan to launch you into the direction of your highest and most vibrant self! 

Who Is This For?

Plants are food, medicine, prayer offerings, and tools of ritual, all of which are empowering to the body, mind, and spirit. We depend on plant food and supplements– medicine to nourish the temple that houses the spirit, and our emotions are the communication between that temple and spirit.

A strong, resilient temple houses a happy spirit. Whenever we consume plant life, we are also consuming life force or life vibration, and this in turn nourishes the life force with in.

There are more and more people using herbal remedies and consuming of original foods, which is nourishing our awakening spirit and as a result, conscience planetary change.

Creation (nature) is so perfect. We know that the body does not utilize inorganic minerals. If we could then we would be able to eat soil for nourishment. Pretty silly. Instead, plants are the link.

Plants gather inorganic minerals from the earth through their roots, these minerals travel up the roots to the leaves and as the rays of the sun penetrate the leaves, a certain magic occurs called photosynthesis. Inorganic minerals transform into organic minerals full of electro-magnetic energy. When we ingest these plant forms we become fully charged temples filled with life force making for positive thoughts and happy spirits.