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Soul Solution Session

In this 60 minute virtual or in person session, I will bring you from cloudy, confused, unclear and alone to having a course of action, a game plan and a partner in your progression and personal growth.

Who Is This For?

Are you a struggling parent to a gifted or Empathic teen who feels like you are going at it all alone? Are you a person who has success, and still feels like something is ‘missing’? Are you seeking a new path in your own spirituality?

Maybe you are bored out of your mind with the mundane pace of your life, maybe you are unfilled with your  life, maybe you are just so tired of feeling like you are spinning your wheels..guess what?

We were NEVER made to do this ‘growth in life’ thing alone…  I got you, and more imporatntly YOU’VE got YOU. I will remind you of who you are and what you are here to do… spoiler alert- likely the thing you are meant to be doing is also the things that light you up in life…let’s dig in!

I have a team of people that I have been working with for decades that can help to support whatever the issues might be.  We start with the basics… and move into more refined ways of caring for your one precious life.

It’s ok to feel be confused about what to do next. The first step is all about taking care of YOU. I am honored to be your support so YOU can best support your teens, your partner, your parents or whomever you care for, in a powerful and peaceful way. 

Because you matter too. Your spirit matters, your heart matters and your WELLNESS MATTERS. 

Here's What You'll Get

Soul Solution Session

Soulful Rites of Passage